Jeannine Parvati Baker
June 1, 1949-December 1, 2005

Lay Midwife, Ashtanga Yogini, Astrologer
Founder of Hygieia College,
Herbal Medicine-Woman,
Mother of Six,
Author of
Prenatal Yoga & Natural Childbirth,
Hygieia: A Woman's Herbal
, and co-author of Conscious Conception

" I coined the term
-- to marry EARTHKEEPERS and BIRTH --

EarthKeeper is a Native American word
for Eco-activists
as well as holders of the sacred Earth-based wisdoms.

Midwives can be the same,
yet the term "Midwife"  has been usurped by MEDwives
and other medically-based perinatal professionals.

At this point in time on Turtle Island,
Midwifery is an endangered species.

Too many Midwives
have identified with the oppressor,
learned to speak the conquerers language,
and otherwise been vanquished to emerge as
obstetrically-trained "Medwives".

In other words,
many Midwives have given up being
guardians and keepers of natural birth at home,
in order to survive as professionals."


Healing Birth is Healing the Earth

Wow , Birthkeeper is the most
luscious site I have ever seen!

Your essays deliciously drip with extra-
ordinary wisdom and uncommon sense!

Dr. Sarah J Buckley
Anstead, Qld, Australia

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Hygieia House
Joseph, Utah

Jeannine's last newsletter, Autumn 2005

Jeannine's Obituary
and Condolence Book

"JP's Last Days" by Rico

*****On December 1, 2005, on New Moon at 11:11 a.m., our beloved Jeannine Parvati Baker shed her temporal body. Her passion for her life’s work shone in her eyes till the very end, until her physical form could no longer hold her luminous being. May she now recognize and embrace her oneness with the Great Luminosity!

Jeannine planted seeds in countless hearts around the world where she will forever grow and blossom as we carry on her work in our individual, multihued ways. May we continue as her apprentices and friends to unearth the truths of which she spoke within ourselves. The word medicine she shares in her websites will remain for those who wish to continue drawing from the deep well of her wisdom. Please continue supporting her family by buying her books, tapes and videos directly from her websites as well.

Jeannine’s life partner, Rico, encourages all who wish to continue dialoguing about how to further her work —and to support her children— to please keep in touch through the yahoo group Circle of Support. While this Circle began as a forum to support Jeannine through her waxing and waning health, may it now transform into a Circle in which Birthkeepers support one another in the work that Jeannine inspired and encouraged us to do. May her love, enthusiasm, courage and light continue on in us all.

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Interview with
Jeannine on the topic
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